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There is always a way of finding the right job.

About Exit Test?

ExitTest offers a comprehensive assessment for finding the right job as per the skills and qualifications.

  • Cognitive ability test

    Verbal reasoning is a concept of solving problems with the help of language.

  • Cognitive test solution

    Numerical reasoning is solving a problem from a concept of given numbers.

  • Cognitive ability test

    It is basically solving a problem through visual concepts and images.

  • Cognitive ability assessment

    Mechanical reasoning is basically making a judgement on the basis of science and mechanics.

  • Cognitive ability test

    logical reasoning Making sound judgments and problem-solving using logical thinking

  • Cognitive ability test

    Spatial ability is a concept of modifying shapes and visualizing 3D concepts.

  • Cognitive ability test

    Comfort and skill with language e.g. spelling, grammar, synonyms, analogies, written instruction.

Diksha Gautam Student
I am Thankful to ExitTest for helping me out to find my dream job.
18 Aug 2019
Samay Singh Student
When I left my college, I was clueless about my career, After giving Exitest, I channelized my inner strength and got the best job.
18 Aug 2019
Vishakha Sen Student
ExitTest has always been helpful to me, to choose the best career path for me.
18 Aug 2019
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There are various types of cognitive ability tests, some of which include: